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ESR Gift Cards are the perfect gift. You can use them at most Ethan Stowell Restaurants* and they never expire. All gift card orders are shipped with a personalized card and a handsome envelope.


* Gift cards are not redeemable at Goldfinch Tavern or Ballard/Frēlard Pizza Companies

Ethan Stowell’s New Italian Kitchen

Ten Speed Press : 228 pages : $39

Ethan Stowell’s New Italian Kitchen is not only a great collection of accessible recipes that compel one to start cooking right away, but also reveals a chef with a soul.
— David Kinch, Chef & Owner, Manresa
Ethan is a true chef’s chef. He has great respect for the seasons, the farms, and fishermen who supply him, which is reflected in his restaurants.
— David Pasternick, Chef & Owner, Esca